Hello world!

Welcome to everybody!

This is my first post in my new personal blog. It’s not my first time writing on a blog, but it’s my first time writing in English and also using my name. Yes, I need to present myself first. My name is Haritz Medina, and that’s all. It’s a joke, I have a lot of things to share about my job, feelings and ideas, and that’s the main reason to have opened this blog.

Usually it’s difficult to give a brief presentation about myself, but I will try it. I’m a computer science student, maybe, since I discovered the computers; but officially, since 2008. I studied a superior grade (it’s like a 2 years degree to prepare or oriented to introduce in the working market) in the Uni Eibar-Ermua. However, I decided to continue my studies doing a grade on computer science in the Faculty of Computer Science in the University of the Basque Country. And today I’m finishing a post-graduate master also in the same faculty. During these studies I’ve been working on 3 companies related to the software development. Maybe I will need another post to explain in what was my work focused on. Apart from my studies and my jobs, I have too much hobbies like gaming, programming, running, swimming, travelling, but my favorite one is to spend time with people that I love.

As I said before, the main idea to open this blog is to share news (specially focused on computer science), tutorials, ideas, opinions, etc. but as my mother language is the Spanish, I think that would be a good idea to improve my English skills. So, if you read any mistake or you can add something to the things that I’ll write here, or you are disappointed with something, feel free to comment me whatever you want. There is only one rule, try not to spam too much!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading me!